McClure steps back at 500 Startups after internal sexual misconduct investigation

 Dave McClure, the founder and public face of 500 Startups — one of the most prolific and best-known accelerator programs for early stage companies — has stepped away from managing the firm he set up (and largely built in his own image). McClure is the latest venture capitalist to be ensnared in the industry’s investigations into alleged sexual misconduct by investors with… Read More

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Game publisher GameMine inks a $20 million partnership with South Africa’s Vodacom

 On the heels of a $20 million funding round last month, the new game publishing company GameMine has inked its first big deal with a global carrier. The company has partnered with the South Africa mobile carrier Vodacom Group to bring GameMine’s subscription-based mobile games to the South African market. Read More

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Real estate site Redfin files for IPO

 Redfin, the popular real estate listings site, has filed for IPO. The Seattle-based company unveiled its filing, suggesting that it will raise $100 million, a placeholder that is subject to change. The timing of the filing implies that Redfin is likely to debut in late July or early August. Because of the JOBS Act, most companies can wait until 15 days before their investor roadshow to… Read More

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Snapchat bought the AR location intellectual property of startup Drop

 Snap Map is Snapchat’s plan to tie together its online content with ways to augment your offline reality, and its got the patent to back it up. Augmented reality location startup Drop tells TechCrunch that Snap Inc acquired its intellectual property in 2015 including its “Location-based messaging” patent. In 2013, Drop developed an app that would let you post photos or text to… Read More

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 As impact investing gains traction in the market, a new accelerator for tech nonprofits called Fast Forward has raised $2.2 million in philanthropic funding from the nonprofit arms of some of the world’s largest companies and financial services firms. BlackRock,, Comcast NBCUniversal, and AT&T joined Zendesk,, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, the Nasiri and Rita… Read More

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Binary Capital’s investors just accepted Jonathan Teo’s resignation

 Earlier this week, following the resignations of Binary Capital cofounder Justin Caldbeck and a more recent addition to the team, Matt Mazzeo, Binary cofounder Jonathan Teo offered to resign his position as well.
Late yesterday, the firm’s limited partners —  include WeatherGage, Legacy Venture, UNC, and UCLA — accepted Teo’s resignation.
According to sources, the… Read More

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Hypori unveils vPhone, first smartphone that can’t be lost, stolen or broken

Hypori introduced the vPhone, a virtual smartphone that affords every business user the benefits of separate work and personal phones, conveniently delivered on a single device. vPhone users gain the freedom to access the work apps they need on the device they love without compromising productivity, privacy or security.

Requiring employees to carry separate personal and corporate-owned phones, for which hardware is dictated rather than chosen, is an unnecessary hassle for the business user. The traditional alternative is to mandate that users install corporate device management software onto their personal phones, restricting the choices that users can make regarding their apps and devices while adding an element of corporate control and potential surveillance over personal mobile activities. According to “BYOD & Mobile Security,” a recent survey and report from Crowd Research Partners, a combined 51 percent of respondents said that employee privacy concerns or dissatisfaction with required mobile apps were preventing them from supporting BYOD in their organization.

With Hypori’s vPhone, every user can now access a work vPhone from their personal Apple or Android smartphone or tablet without the inevitable drawbacks, hefty expense and complex setup associated with corporate-issued phones or device management software. vPhones also eliminate the privacy sacrifices imposed by corporate spyware.

As part of this product launch, avid mobile users and technology decision makers can trial the vPhone experience for a limited time. Setup can be completed in less than five minutes, allowing users to access popular work apps through a downloaded vPhone by Hypori application.

vPhones deliver a slick, modern mobile work experience alongside personal mobile activities, apps and data. All vPhone apps and data are stored in the secure cloud and never reside on the device, so the vPhone and its contents cannot be lost, stolen, broken or compromised in any way. What happens in a vPhone stays in a vPhone.

“Today’s business users love their personal phones, and anyone who’s had to carry a second phone for work knows how annoying it is,” said David Hood, CEO of Hypori. “At the same time, companies know they need to maximize productivity, but balance that with respect for users’ privacy and security of corporate data. The vPhone presents the best of both worlds.”

IT Teams Will Echo End Users’ Love of vPhones
Increasingly, enterprises and IT departments are embracing BYOD programs that allow users to access corporate apps and data on their personal devices. In fact, upwards of 74 percent of enterprises are using or planning to use BYOD programs. However, these programs often frustrate users and administrators alike by creating major security concerns and management headaches, requiring modification of apps and necessitating stringent policies that are costly in terms of both time and money. 

Deploying vPhones is an effortless process for IT, providing them complete control of enterprise data and apps without the privacy and usability infringements that business users loathe. A new vPhone can be created and provisioned via the management console in a matter of minutes. IT simply specifies the apps and permissions for the vPhone and an invitation is sent to the end user. The end user downloads the vPhone application, logs in using the information in their invitation, and their vPhone is immediately up and running.

Importantly, this setup also means that there is no need for IT to modify enterprise apps via complex “app wrapping” or “containerization” technologies. Enterprises can simply use the standard mobile app versions made available by popular software providers like Microsoft, Slack, Salesforce, Box, Dropbox and Google.

Because vPhones never store enterprise apps or data on the personal device, there is no risk of corporate data loss due to lost, stolen or hacked devices. A vPhone user can also be de-provisioned at any time with the click of a button on the management console, without the need for cumbersome and failure-prone efforts such as remote wipe. Advanced security options such as IP whitelisting, VPN connectivity to the vPhone cloud and on-prem deployment are also possible.

vPhones and their unparalleled flexibility are available immediately for trial on an individual or organizational level. For more information on how vPhones work and to get started with one today, please visit

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Manufacturing civility

 Facebook’s task is unenviable. Two billion people, all yammering on about literally everything in the world — and hidden in that unending torrent are hidden an unknown number of abhorrent, hateful utterances that would be better off unuttered. But the method Facebook has applied to this problem, a tangled system of ethical arithmetic revealed in a report from ProPublica, seems… Read More

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Harver raises $8.1M to replace the tedious trawl though résumés with an AI

 The problem of dealing with CVs during the hiring process is a perennial one. There are a number of approaches and there are various assessment companies and recruitment companies providing human services to do so. But it’s tought to get around the fact that having to read a lot of CVs is often just pure grunt work. Imagine instead if you could apply machine-learning and a platform… Read More

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Tintri up slightly after lowering IPO price

 Enterprise cloud company Tintri was supposed to debut on the public markets yesterday with an IPO price between $10.50 to $12.50, but then pushed things back a day and lowered its price to $7. Shares were up about 3.5% midday Friday, trading at roughly $7.25 per share. In what seems to be a tough week for tech IPOs, cooking kit delivery service Blue Apron also significantly lowered its price… Read More

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