Facebook News Feed change demotes sketchy links overshared by spammers

 Technically, Facebook can’t suspend people’s accounts just for sharing 50-plus false, sensational, or clickbaity news articles per day. It doesn’t want to trample anyone’s right to share. But there’s nothing stopping it from burying those links low in the News Feed so few people ever see them.
Today Facebook announced an algorithm change that does just that. It… Read More

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Roku sales blocked in Mexico following piracy ruling

 Streaming media player maker Roku has lost a legal battle in Mexico which has resulted in a ban on sales of its devices in the country. Cablevision, the cable TV operator owned by Mexican media giant Televisa, had taken Roku to court alleging that Roku’s gadgets are being hacked to allow users to watch pirated channels. Last week, a judge issued a court order to stop the importation of… Read More

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Blue Apron tumbles again in its second day as its IPO settles for a down round

 Blue Apron is now down from its IPO price during trading today, falling around 4% and down to around $9.60 — a bit south of its original price. Early in the planning process, Blue Apron was shooting for a price range of between $15 and $17, which would have helped it raise even more money and value the company at around $3 billion. Instead, it had to settle for a valuation below $2… Read More

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Today is the last day to get extra early-bird Disrupt SF tickets

 Okay Disrupt fans, you’ve procrastinated long enough. Today is the last day to get extra early-bird tickets to Disrupt SF 2017 — so if you want to go to the best startup show in San Francisco for the cheapest possible price, now is the time to act. Seriously, you need to go and get your tickets now. Like, now now. Read More

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MIT CSAIL research offers a fully automated way to peer inside neural nets

 MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab has devised a way to look inside neural networks and shed some light on how they’re actually making decisions. The new process is a fully automated version of the system the research team behind it presented two years ago, which employed human reviewers to achieve the same ends. Coming up with a method that can provide… Read More

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Facebook is rolling out its “Find Wi-Fi” feature worldwide

 Facebook is expanding one of its newer features designed to help mobile users find accessible Wi-Fi networks. The company had begun testing a “Find Wi-Fi” option last year on mobile, which highlighted free, public Wi-Fi networks nearby. At the time, the option was only available in select countries, as something of a test. Today, Facebook announced users worldwide on both iOS… Read More

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Oracle open sources new tools focused on containers

Oracle is helping development teams build and operate containers with three new tools it is releasing into open source. The tools — Smith, Crashcart and Railcar — are designed to tackle containerization challenges commonly faced.  

“Containers are more popular than ever. Here at Oracle, we use containers for many of our cloud services. While preparing for containers in production, we developed tools to help with building and operating containers,” Vish Abrams, architect for cloud development at Oracle, wrote in a post.

Smith is a secure microcontainer builder. This solution is designed to help operators deal with container images. “Unfortunately, while the standard build process for containers is ideal for developers, but the resulting container images make operators’ jobs more difficult,” Abrams wrote.

The problems it solves include large images, privilege escalation, vulnerability management, lack of user namespaces, layers, and overlays. According to Abrams, microcontainers help by providing better security and stability. Smith allows users to build microcontainers that only containers the process to be run and direct dependencies, has files with no user ownership, and is able to run read-only.

Crashcart is a microcontainer debugging tool that helps users containerize their applications and connect to the database. “Containers can be a challenge to debug, especially when you are a little fuzzy on exactly what a container is and how it works. Some people treat containers like miniature vms, and go so far as to run an ssh daemon inside their container so that they can login when things go crazy. Others stick a bunch of useful tools inside their container and use `docker exec` to get a shell inside their container. But for those of us with slightly-more-sane operational practices, what do we do when things go wrong” Abrams wrote.

Crashcart also aims to make debugging easier by providing tricky hacks and mounting tools to containers on demand. It enables users to load binaries into a container to figure out problems. Currently, Crashcart doesn’t work with user namespaces prior to kernel 4.8, according to the project’s GitHub page. Oracle plans to add more functionality and capabilities to the tool such as the ability to set uid and gid in the containers.

RailCar is an alternative container runtime impentation built with Rust. “These days, almost all container utilities are in c or go. c is great for interacting with the linux kernel, but has security drawbacks. Go is great for speed of development and memory safety, but it has some limitations that create problems interacting with namespaces. Rust sits at a perfect intersection of these two languages: it has memory safety and higher-level primitives, but doesn’t sacrifice low level control over threading and therefore can handle namespaces properly. It is a great choice for container utilities and we hope to see the rust community and the container community collaborate more in the future,” Abrams wrote.

According to Abrams, Railcar is similar to runc, but with Rust it is able to provide memory safety without any overhead.

All three projects are available on Oracle’s GitHub page.

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Microsoft to acquire Cloudyn, Ford’s robotics and AI team, and TestPlant’s eggPlant solution — SD Times news digest: June 30, 2017

Microsoft has confirmed the acquisition of Cloudyn, a cloud management platform provider and cloud cost optimization tool. The company hopes this acquisition will help its Azure customers better manage and optimize their work in the cloud.  

As customers grow their cloud usage across many projects, it can be challenging to gain visibility and understand costs for existing projects, to optimize those investments and to project future usage. It is critical that customers have access to enterprise-grade management capabilities for detailed visibility into their Azure consumption, cost and performance in order to stay within budget and ensure business success,” Jerry Winter, director of program management for Azure security and operations management at Microsoft, wrote in a post.

Cloudyn will provide tools to govern cloud adoption as well as automated monitoring, analytics and cost allocation capabilities.

Ford announces new robotics and AI research team
Ford announced the creation of the Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Research team as part of the company’s Research and Advanced Engineering department. The company believes robotics and artificial intelligence is going to have a huge impact in the way we get around, even in the next five to 10 years, and they want to make sure they are keeping up with the ever-changing world of advanced engineering.

The team will focus on new sensor technology, machine learning, mobile development, drones, and other aerial robotics solutions. According to Ford’s head of research and CTO Ken Washington, the company is able to dedicate more resources to artificial intelligence and robotics thanks to a partnership with Argo AI. Fore recently partnered with Argo AI to help lead the development of its virtual driver system, according to Washington.

More information is available here.

Red Hat Cloud Suite’s latest version
Red Hat Cloud Suite’s latest version is now available with new features, including enterprise-grade Kubernetes. Kubernetes, the open-source project for container technology, just released version 1.7 this week.

Red Hat Cloud Suite adds new features besides the Kubernetes support, including Red Hat CloudForms with Ansible automation, composable OpenStack services for clouds built on Red Hat OpenStack Platform, and it comes with flexible virtualization capabilities.

“Red Hat Cloud Suite provides the technologies to drive this transformation while retaining existing IT investments, from the industry’s most comprehensive enterprise Kubernetes platform in Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform to leading-edge open source virtualization with Red Hat Virtualization, all delivered as a unified, ready-to-deploy solution to fit nearly every enterprise IT infrastructure need,” said Lars Herrmann, general manager of integrated solutions at Red Hat.

TestPlant launches enhanced eggPlant solution
TestPlant added new automation and workflow enhancements to its performance testing product, eggPlant. The solution, along with its new enhancements, lets testing teams quickly customize prebuilt workflows and automate testing for performance.

New capabilities include: Intelligent auto creation, performance test builder, Studio GUI enhancements, and support for Visual Studio 2017.

“At TestPlant we are committed to bringing intelligent automation to testing,” said Antony Edwards, CTO of TestPlant. “eggPlant Performance levels the playing field so that all test teams can immediately transform how they approach performance testing and realize much-needed productivity gains.”

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Deal-finding browser tool Honey now tracks Amazon price drops, offers hotel savings

 Since its launch several years ago, the deal-finding browser add-on Honey has grown its install base to 4.4 million users on Chrome, in addition to its smaller presence on Firefox and Safari. Initially conceived as an easier way to find savings by tracking sales and retailers’ promo codes, the company is now expanding its selection of online shopping tools to include an Amazon price… Read More

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Cabin secures $3.3M for its “moving hotel”

Cabin sleeping bus Cabin recently announced that it had secured $3.3 million in seed financing for its sleeper-car buses. (I’ll explain that concept in a minute.) The funding was led by Founders Fund’s FF Angel, with participation from half a dozen other investors. This new round of funding will enable Cabin to expand its overnight transportation services regionally and nationally.
Now, about that… Read More

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