I feel like I know these computer-generated celebrities already

 If there’s one thing this Earth of ours is short on, it’s celebrities. I mean, if there were enough, why would they keep making them? We need the help of our computer friends. Luckily they are obliging. An AI that in its existence has only known the faces of celebs (how I envy it!) was tasked with making up new ones by the dozen. The results are… well, you should see for… Read More

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The Golden Knights, live gambling and the future of live sports attendance

 One of the biggest early season NHL stories has been the success of the expansion Las Vegas Golden Knights. If the Golden Knights can maintain anything close to current attendance and demand levels, their sports-gambling-friendly approach may do more than just help the NHL solve the “warm weather problem” — it could be the biggest boon to event attendance since the advent of… Read More

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Signal escapes the confines of the browser with a standalone desktop app

 If you’re an active Signal user (and why aren’t you?) you likely already know about the desktop app — or what passes for one. It’s actually Chrome App, requiring Google’s browser to function. Well, that nightmare is over, as Signal has released a standalone app with no troubling dependencies on billion-dollar companies. Read More

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Creative-focused app PicsArt hits 100M MAUs, attracting brands tired of trolls

 You would think that social networks are more or less “done” now. What would be the point of another in a world filled with so many options? But in fact, there remains a niche which has been growing steadily in the creative corners of the Internet. PicsArt has been building growing since it was started in 2011. It’s now announced new growth figures which have hit 100… Read More

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Early cancer-detection startup Grail is reportedly trying to raise more money

 Just months after Grail raised a $900 million Series B round, the startup that aims to detect cancer early on is looking for additional funding, CNBC reports. Prior to the $900 million round, Grail raised $100 million last year to develop initial studies of its blood test technology. Citing sources, CNBC says Grail is mostly focused on sovereign funds. Grail has reportedly been in touch… Read More

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Congress grills Facebook, Twitter, Google on shells hiding election meddlers

 How can Internet giants know that innocent-seeming US shell companies aren’t actually vehicles for malicious foreign actors to buy ads to interfere with elections? The short answer is they can’t, and that drew questioning from a congressional probe today into Facebook, Twitter, and Google. One member of the committee questioning the companies’ spokespeople asked: “How… Read More

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Halloween comes to your favorite apps

 Does the internet seem a little spookier today? (And no, I don’t mean because you read through of the latest news in your Twitter feed.)
As it turns out, a lot of the big tech companies have gotten into the Halloween spirit this year, with fun little easter eggs and Halloween-themed additions to their apps and services.
Have you spotted them all? Read More

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Stripe Atlas adds a tool to set up stock issues for founding teams as it builds its business services

 Stripe Atlas was launched by payments company Stripe last year to help small businesses set themselves up as a legal, incorporated business entity in the U.S. Now with “thousands” of entrepreneurs from 125+ countries using Atlas, Stripe is expanding it with a new feature as it hones its focus on being a platform for startup services. Companies that are signed up to Atlas (which… Read More

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Report: Perl is one of the top disliked programming languages

There are plenty of resources and reports on the top programming languages developers want to work with, but what about the top languages they want to avoid? Stack Overflow is releasing new data to explore the most disliked programming languages.

The data comes from Stack Overflow Jobs Developer story data where developers have added tags on the type of technologies and languages they do and do not want to work with. “As a measure of how polarizing each tag is, we’ll look at what fraction of the time it appears in someone’s Disliked tags compared to how often it appears in either someone’s Liked or Disliked tags. Thus, 50% would mean a tag was disliked exactly as often as it was liked, while 1% means there were 99 people who liked it for each one who disliked it,” David Robinson, data scientist at Stack Overflow, wrote in a post.

When it comes to programming languages, the most disliked languages include Perl, Delphi, VBA, PHP, Objective-C, Coffeescript and Ruby. Some of the most liked programming languages included: R, Python, Typescript, Go and Rust. Robinson notes this could be because they are the fast-growing in terms of activity.

The data also looks into the most disliked technologies overall. The list includes Internet Explorer, Visual Basic, Flash, COBOL, Fortran and Pascal. The top universally liked technologies included: machine learning, Git, Python 3.x, HTML5 and CSS3.

“It’s worth emphasizing again that this is no indictment of the technologies, their quality, or their popularity. It is simply a measurement of what technologies stir up strong negative feelings in at least a subset of developers who feel comfortable sharing this publicly,” Robinson wrote.

In addition, the data looked at type technology rivalries in the industry. “This highlights some of the “rivalries” underlying the software ecosystem: Linux and OSX vs Windows, Git vs SVN, vim vs emacs and (unsurprisingly to me) R vs SAS. Most of these pairs don’t represent ‘opposite’ technologies, but instead reflect two approaches to similar problems,” Robinson wrote.

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